Offshore Sharing Solutions

We are dedicated to enhancing the energy industry through the efficient
use of spare capacities.

Asset Optimisation

Increase Profitability

Strategic Consultancy

Global Network

The Shared Concept

Offshore Sharing Solutions was founded on the key principle of making the energy industry more efficient through the use of spare capacities that already exist. This concept is not a new one, but never before has it crossed all functions of the industry and never before has a modern technological platform existed to capture and enhance the operations of the global industry. The new and exciting tool is one that can change the way the Global Energy Industry operates.

Additional indormation for services
  • Vessel Optimisation
  • Inventory Management & Utilisation
  • Shore Base Optimisation & Management
  • Transportation Optimisation
  • Consultancy
  • Infrastructure Optimisation
  • Rig Co-ordination & Utilisation
  • Labour Secondments & Resource Optimisation

Mobile & Web Application

Our mobile and web application was created with the aim of transforming the complexities of the energy industry. It enables our users to simply trade their spare capacities and not only reduce their operating cost but also the inefficiencies of the global energy industry.

This is a truly exciting time as the OSS application intends to take the sharing economy to a new level as it aims to revolutionise the global energy industry (upstream, downstream and renewables).

Download our app free of charge and get in contact with our representatives to see how you and your company can start trading your spare capacities on our application.

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