The Concept

Industry Sustainability

For Offshore Sharing Solutions, industry sustainability means supporting our clients in such a way that it benefits them not just economically, environmentally, safely and socially, but it makes an impact on the industry as it prolongs the viability of energy industries though the values of collaboration and efficiency.

Changing the Paradigm

The global energy industry is one that is noted for its high operating cost, as it sometimes tends to overcompensate for any potential risk to the ongoing operations. Whether this takes the form of vessels, infrastructure or personnel, this usually is done by most operators in the industry. Offshore Sharing Solutions is aiming to reduce this excess by utilising and optimising the various spare capacities from different regions / fields / assets to ensure the operator reduces its cost and benefits at the bottom line.


Focus on safety is always at the forefront of our operations. Our clients have the highest safety standards in the world that have to be adhered to and we ensure this is never compromised. Our employees are empowered to ensure safety comes first and see themselves as ambassadors for Health, Safety, Security and the Environment.