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The services offered by Offshore Sharing Solutions go far and wide, and are specifically tailored to the operators who work in the energy industries around the world (upstream, downstream and renewables - both Onshore and Offshore). Whether this involves utilising the spare capacities from Wind Turbine companies in the UK, or simply extra space on vessels or helicopters from Oil & Gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico, to getting space on Trucks & Trailers across the US or South America, we plan to make the energy industry a more efficient and productive one.


Vessel Optimisation

Platform Supply Vessels, Crew Boats, Anchor Handlers, Pipe Laying Vessels etc. are often underutilised and not optimised when they are in use. Offshore Sharing Solutions, through its wide network and real time data applications will ensure your operating cost is reduced by utilising the spare capacity on your vessels within the industry whilst ensuring your operations is not affected or delayed in any way.

Inventory Management & Utilisation

Keeping high levels of inventory is not an efficient way to run your business. Operators would normally buy additional casing, drilling and productions materials, subsea equipment etc. that will remain on the shelves not being utilised and sometimes become obsolete in the process. Offshore Sharing Solutions will improve your company’s inventory management by finding the market for excess / unwanted stock and increase your working capital to ensure there is efficiency at all levels.

Shore Base Optimisation & Management

Shore Bases can be quite busy during drilling / exploration activity but during quieter times Shore Bases are underutilised and can cost Oil & Gas companies a significant amount to maintain operations and keep staff engaged. At Offshore Sharing Solutions, we recognise there are inefficiencies throughout the supply chain and we are confident that the team through its wide network and real time data applications can implement strategic measures to reduce the company’s cost and optimise the shore base logistics. From optimising dock space and equipment to the procurement initiatives, Offshore Sharing Solutions will make you more efficient!

Transportation Optimisation

From Helicopters to trucks to vehicles, our vision is to utilise the spare capacity from operators to ensure optimisation of all transporting methods throughout the industry whilst ensuring safety remains paramount to the all operations.

Labour Secondments & Resource Optimisation

As in every business there will be peaks and troughs but retaining your key staff and ensuring all areas are being optimised can be difficult. At Offshore Sharing Solutions, we will ensure that your labour requirements are optimised through our wide network and real time data applications. Key employees can be utilised during slow periods whilst still being retained for core operations.


Offshore Sharing Solutions, through its wide global network, has a number of high level executives with a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips to give organisations that strategic advantage in today’s challenging environments.

Infrastructure Optimisation

During development stages of a project, infrastructure may have been designed at higher specifications than what is currently required for the operations. Offshore Sharing Solutions will utilise this spare capacity through its network, thereby optimising an asset to its full potential and ensuring efficiencies throughout the industry. Infrastructure optimisation can range from processing platforms, to pipelines to tank farms and their processing facilities. Such large projects can be negotiated, managed and implemented through Offshore Sharing Solutions.

Rig Co-ordination & Utilisation

Drilling activities contribute significantly to the expenditure of any Oil & Gas company, whether this is for exploration or development, the cost remains exceptionally high. With this in mind Offshore Sharing Solutions can negotiate better contracts with drilling contractors by coordinating higher levels of activity for rigs within the specific areas; thereby ensuring both the Oil Company and the Drilling Contractor get the right price and increased utilisation of the rig.

Additional Information

If you require additional information on one of our service offerings; or just have some questions that need answering, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.