Welcome Captain!

James M Wilhite, FRAeS

Posted January 19th, 2018 by Ryan Lee Young

OSS welcomes our new Aviation Director Capt. James M Wilhite, FRAeS: James is an Aviation professional possessing 40+ years of progressive aviation experience. He has held numerous executive roles including Managing Director of Bristow Caribbean Ltd and is a respected leader, recognized for effectively coordinating complex assignments that yield timely and positive results in the aviation industry. He possesses an exemplary record in streamlining processes and delivering multimillion-dollar contracts through operational excellence and meeting readiness goals. With a string of credentials to his name, the ISO-BAO accredited auditor began operating in Trinidad in 1988 and continues to make his home in the Republic. He has been recognized as being the longest serving General Manager of Bristow Caribbean Ltd (BCL) in the history of the company’s existence. He is a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society with status as a Fellow. Captain James is currently on the Board of Directors of Susurrus Aviation Ltd, the Combat Helicopter Pilots’ Association, and the Distinguished Flying Cross Society (Chairman Nominating Committee).

He has operated for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, Tucson Gas & Electric, an Instrument Instructor pilot for the California Highway Patrol, multiple underslung / seismic operations, Bristow Surinam Country Manager, AgustaWestland Country Manager for the Trinidad & Tobago Air Guard Programme, and Senior Regional Advisor Cobham Helicopter Services Ltd. He has been integral to the setup operations in various countries, notably the Arab Republic of Egypt, Bristow Caribbean Ltd TTPP, Surinam, and paramilitary operations for the Trinidad & Tobago Air Guard Programme, helicopter sharing in the Republic, world class dispatch operations and POB systems for the Oil & Gas community in the Republic.

The OSS board of directors is thrilled to have Capt. James Wilhite lead the aviation / helicopter sharing initiative with the offshore operators. Our primary focus will be with the Trinidad & Regional operators with the intention of working with other international partners and stakeholders as and when the opportunity arises. Capt. James brings a wealth of experience to the team and we look forward to him working closely with all stakeholders.

Ryan Lee Young
Chief Executive Officer

Collaboration Key at TTEC

TTEC, Jan 23-25 2017, Trinidad, Offshore Sharing Solutions, Ryan Lee Young, Dan Jodhan, Ian Cansfield, Shirley Cansfield

Posted January 27th, 2017 by Ryan Lee Young

If one word can summarize this year’s Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference, it is “collaboration”. With oil production at all time lows and oil prices seemingly stuck below $60, the nation’s energy sector is facing its most challenging times. Our government, state entities, and operators all agree: leadership, innovation, and most of all collaboration are needed to withstand current economic pressures. Indeed, a rising tide lifts all boats.

In every speech, panel and plenary session our industry leaders compelled conference attendees to work together in finding new ways to increase production, reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies. Vincent Pereira (president of BHP Billiton Trinidad and Tobago) perhaps said it best, we need to see this challenge as an opportunity – by being forced to innovate we can develop best practices here in Trinidad that can be used the world over. This sentiment was echoed in every closing address, Trinidad can lead the way. is proudly a Trinidadian company working on the forefront of industry collaboration. Founded by industry veterans, our Web and Mobile Platform is designed specifically to help energy companies and suppliers increase efficiencies by sharing spare capacities and underutilised assets.

The need for greater collaboration was a message heard loud and clear at this year’s conference and we were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic interest in as a result. Thank you to our customers, partners, and friends for stopping by our booth. We look forward to seeing you online (you can now register at and we’ll see many of you again in Guyana, at the Energy Chamber’s conference in March.

Ryan Lee Young
Chief Executive Officer

in the top 10!

Posted May 27th, 2016 by Marlon O'Neil

Offshore Sharing had a fantastic week at the Collision Conference in New Orleans in April. The company was accepted into the prestigious PITCH programmes at which 108 startups were selected, out of a total of more than 400, to present on stage in front of a judging panel and hundreds of attendees. Offshore Sharing was selected for the semi-final round, and eventually finished in the top 10!

peaking about the trip, CEO and founder Ryan Lee Young congratulated and thanked the entire team for the support in helping to make this vision one step closer to reality.

“The Collision Conference was such a great experience for the team – it not only enabled us to network and build relationships with other tech companies, but also provided a platform to truly compete with other international startups and cement our company’s vision amongst the leaders and innovators in the tech world. It’s an incredible feeling to place in the top 10 startups from over 400 companies. The support we got from everyone was just overwhelming. To have investors approach you seconds after you come off the stage wanting to invest, gives you a really good feeling inside. Of course the team remains grounded and humble to ensure we focus on meeting our deliverables, as Offshore Sharing intends to go live in July 2016.”

Lee Young also mentioned that whilst the team was in New Orleans, they had the opportunity to meet and test with a super major oil & gas operator in the Gulf of Mexico. The timing of this is quite important given that Offshore Sharing plans to set up services in the US GOM and North Sea regions later this year.

Following the Collision Conference, Lee Young flew to Houston and attended the D5 Offshore Technology Conference where the theme was “The Next Big Thing”. Lee Young recognized the conference as a great opportunity for innovative startups in the Oil & Gas / Energy sector to attend and see what can be done to ensure sustainability in the industry.

Speaking about Offshore Sharing’s next steps, Lee Young re-iterated that the team’s main objective over the next couple of months will be to complete the roll-out of the web and mobile application for the Trinidad market, whilst simultaneously raising a Series A to expand operations to two other continents. To date, Offshore Sharing has completed reviews with 5 major operators in Trinidad and 1 in the GOM. Investor discussions have already started and Lee Young maintains the board’s view of partnering with the right investor(s) with the right values to help expand the operations globally.

OSS to launch at international tech conference in April 2016

Posted March 3rd, 2016 by Marlon O'Neil

Offshore Sharing will officially launch its mobile application at the Collision Conference in New Orleans, which takes place in the last week of April. CEO and founder Ryan Lee Young recently disclosed that Offshore Sharing has been accepted into Collision’s ALPHA program, where only 1 in 10 startups are given the green light.

Collision Conference, “America’s fasting growing conference”, was started by “Web Summit” founder Paddy Cosgrave, listed as the 18th most influential person in Europe. The Wall Street Journal described it as being “Where the giants of the web assemble.” In just two years the conference has attracted over 7500 attendees from 50 different countries and has raised US$370 million for startups.

The tech conference is noted for helping startups connect with investors and the media, and also for providing the perfect networking avenue for other tech companies to interact. Some of the well-known participants: Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Uber, AirBnb, just to name a few.

Lee Young stated “it is a great opportunity for Offshore Sharing to not only showcase our application to the global tech community, but also to leverage and build on relationships with both investors and other tech companies who are actively involved in the sharing economy.” Offshore Sharing’s mobile application intends to take the sharing economy to a new level as it aims to revolutionise the global energy industry (upstream, downstream and renewables). Essentially being the “Uber” and “AirBnB” of the energy sector.

Following the Collision Conference, Offshore Sharing will also attend the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston the following week.

According to Lee Young, all is going according to plan as the team aims to wrap up the testing phase with the local oil majors in April, when the application will go live for trading of spare capacities.